The 12 months of 2018- Lebanon


PM Jebran Bassil talks in a private meeting about Nabih Berri, saying he is a “Baltagi”. As Lebanese are always surprised by the rain or by every time the electricity goes off, they were also shocked by this and kept arguing about it through months.


The beginning of the biggest lies! The election campaigns.


Ziad Itany is not guilty! What a great play!


Immigrants voted from abroad.

Did you guys forget why did you move at the first place? It is either cheating or you have mental issues. I mean why did you vote for the same people that made you travel? Why are you still split, and your sect still plays stupid emotions in your veins.


The 9 years awaited elections. The only opportunity we had for a change. With all the nagging and the digital protests. With the crisis and the corruption. With all the mafias and the thief. With all from what we had from the politicians. The war leaders, won again! The people just voted again for the same people! Did you seriously elect them? They made you thrive for money because they are the ones who took it from you! The 100 dollars they paid you back then will be spent on your health in Lebanon with such leaders!


Everyone forgot everything when FIFA 2018 started. The politicians faces on the walls in Lebanon changed to flags and players posters. The argeele places turned into games screening places for minimum 15$ a minimum charge if not more! Bravo Lebanon you’ve done a great job in cheering!


The most trending topic in July was Julia Botrous and the great concert she did in Tyre! Julia succeeded to get 14 thousand people to the South..And believe me some of them never visited the South before.


Besides my birthday, Lebanon is just great in August. I couldn’t find anything to write about because people were all over festivals. But someone to spot the light on is Kathem Al Sahir who managed to break the records doing more than 8 concerts per month in one country.


Miss Lebanon 2018! I mean the most commercial event ever. It wasn’t a show for the girls It was a show for MTV. MTV had won in making sure everyone knew we were watching it. Minutes from the show would pass very slowly because Anabella Hilal had to remind us every minute that MTV is the best and that no one could do what they’ve done. Excuse me MTV but the technology you used that night is not the newest neither the prettiest. We would wanted to know more about the girls than the channel.


Who would ever forget the ice rocks that fell on us!


Will you ever forget this nightmare! The independence day preparation parade had caused this traffic jam. Lebanese government will never lose in disappointing us again and again.


The first national Lebanese theatre festival.

The greatest way to end the year… The theatre was packed by theatre lovers with great positive energy. Along with the preparation of a new government that didn’t take place at all till this very day.

Happy new year Lebanon. I wish you awareness, hope and culture. I wish this year brings you protests and change. I wish it marks the end of their presence.

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